About Backstage Productions, LLC

About Backstage Productions, LLC

Backstage Productions, LLC’s reputation of high quality and great service began when we opened our doors in the Fall of 2000. From that time, our reputation and company has grown to a full service production house. We continue to raise the bar in audio, video, lighting, and backline.

Backstage Productions, LLC has gathered a group of people that specializes in live production and we enjoy the challenges and opportunities that this industry has to offer. 

The Backstage crew brings a high level of professionalism and knowledge to any size concert, tour, conference, or special event.

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We provide audio, video, lighting, soft goods, backline, and staging. Your production provider can make or break your event. At Backstage Productions, LLC, we strive to have a high quality of service with no distractions to the attendee. Backstage Productions, LLC has built a team of people that specializes in live production. We enjoy the challenges and opportunities that this profession has to offer. Most of our clients tell us that the production services they received were the best that it has ever been. Please contact us about your next event.